Q. What assistance is provided to help facilitate the installation of a unit for the do-it yourself market?

A. An installation instruction package accompanies all units shipped. This package consists of a professional produced installation video that is accompanied by an installation booklet. The video allows the do-it yourself market to view what will be required and how much assistance will or will not be needed. The written installation booklets can be more easily turned to on the job site.

Q. How complicated is the installation and how long will this take?

A. With the base, deck or patio already in place, the installation will take generally 2 days. There is no reason that with a preview of the video and a general understanding of its contents that a crew of 2 or 3, would require more then 2 days. The components are shipped in large, manageable pieces to reduce the installation time.

Q. How are the units shipped?

A. All units are shipped as a knockdown product. All the components will be found in 3 to 4 crates. The components are meticulously packed to minimize any damages. Where and when possible, the units are shipped via our truck, by our staff. However, when this is not possible, we do turn to common carriers to perform that service for us.

Q. How heavy are these units?

A. The larger units only weight approximately 1200 lbs. A 36" wide glass wall assembly would be the heaviest single wall component. It weights 28 lbs. The patio door assembly would be biggest and heaviest of all components. The weight is +/- 75 to 100 lbs. (depending on the size)

Q. Can we have more then 1-patio door?

A. Yes, the modular system allows one to design a unit with more doors if desired. The unit could even have patio doors all around if that was the look one was after.